Thursday, February 22, 2007

Morning Out at Carkeek Park

A stay-at-home dad has started a group, [Seattle-Area Stay At Home Dads Group].

MeetUp is the group we were a part of originally, before they started charging.

He has scheduled a play-date at Carkeek Park MARCH 13th. (Gotta love Carkeek Park!)

This group might be a good opportunity to meet up with some of the "south-Seattle" dads that we haven't had a chance to see as well as other stay-at-home-dads who haven't heard about the existing groups.

As of 2/22 there were 4 Yes's and 5 Maybe's to the March 13th event.

Here are the details:

Tuesday, March 13, 2007, 10:30 AM

Carkeek Park 950 Carkeek Park Rd Seattle , WA 98115

Let's spend our first get together at Carkeek Park.
Around Seattle With Kids says: "Tucked away in a tranquil north Seattle neighborhood, Carkeek Park is a hidden treasure of natural beauty. From its old growth forest and salmon-spawning creek to sandy beach, it provides a dose of fresh air and fun for the whole family" (p.62)
The time/date/activity listed above are still suggestions at this point

Others have suggested the Pacific Science Center or Aquarium. Either of which we could do either now or at a later date. I thought it would be nice to do an outdoor and free event for starters.

Please RSVP

See you there!

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Out and About?

Hey Dads,

Who is ready to get some events/activities together? Even if you are just out and about, let other dads know. You'd be amazed how all it takes is "something" and other dads would love a reason to get out with the kid(s).

From the gamut of a mall playground to a day at Steven's Pass sledding.

Just post a comment on this here post and we will start getting together.

A dads night out? A day at the museum or an indoor playground? Even a day at Carkeek Park or down at Greenlake to stroll around? (Isn't that what Gore-Tex is for? These rainy, chilly days in February?)

Hope to hear from some dads soon!


All the old posts are gone. Sorry about that.

Lets get some new events going!

I'm sure there are more dads looking for some things to do.

As of 2/1/07 we have had 4,297 visits since starting this blog!

That is a lot of people looking for info on Stay-At-Home Dads!

What should we do next?